JJ Niven Engineering Ltd Crane Design and Manufacture. Gantry Cranes a Specialty Scheduled Crane Inspections, Preventative Maintenance, Breakdown Servicing and Crane Training. Manufacturers of Pressure Vessels (Air Receivers). Manufacturers of Pressure and Vacuum Vessels. Supply Nationwide. Waste Management Systems Design and Manufacture. Timber Mill Equipment Manufacture and Maintenance. General & Contract Engineering. Factory and Plant Maintenance.

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36-50 Armstrong St Roslyn
Palmerston North 4414
PO Box 5121 Palmerston North 4441
NEW ZEALAND +64 6 357 4039

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Agricultural Equipment-_Total Nationwide
Conveyor and Conveyor Systems-_Total Nationwide
Crane Safety Inspections-_Total Nationwide
Cranes Hoists etc-_Total Nationwide
Door Gear, sliding or automatic/_Total Nationwide
Engineers-Pipe Fabricators
Engineers-Plant Installation/Serv
Engineers-Site Installation
Engineers-Water Purification
Filters and Filtration Plant-_Total Nationwwide
Lifting Equipment-_Total Nationwide
Lifts/_Total Nationwide
Logging Equipment-_Total Nationwide
Machinery Manufacturers-_Total Nationwide
Machining Computer Controlled-_Total Nationwide
Materials Handling Equipment-_Total Nationwide
Meat Processing Equip/Materials-_Total Nationwide
Pipe Installation Contractors-_Total Nationwide
Pressure Vessels-_Total Nationwide
Profile Cutters-_Total Nationwide
Recycling Services, Equipment/_Total Nationwide
Sawmilling Equipment-_Total Nationwide
Sewage Treatment/_Total Nationwide
Steam Cleaning Equipment-_Total Nationwide
Steel Fabricators-_Total Nationwide
Tank Manufacturers-_Total Nationwide
Vacuum Formers-_Total Nationwide
Vehicle Hoist Service and Repair-_Total Nationwide
Waste Water Treatment or Plant Construction-_Total Nationwide
Water Treatment Plant and Equipment-_Total Nationwide
Welders-_Total Nationwide

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