maud Kirk
100% New Zealand Owned & Operated. Conveyor Componentry Power Transmission Equipment Importers and Distributors - Industrial Transmissions, Gearboxes, Shaft Couplings, Drive Chains, Conveyor Chains, Drive Belts & Pulleys, Speed Reduction Units, Materials Handling Components.

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428 Church St East Penrose 1061
PO Box 13215 Onehunga
Auckland 1643
NEW ZEALAND +64 +9 571 0189
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Chains industrial- NZ
Chains industrial-Auckland
Chains transmission- NZ
Chains transmission-Auckland
Conveyors- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing- NZ
Electric Motor Supply/Servicing-Auckland
Gear Manufacturers, Importers- NZ
Gear Manufacturers, Importers-Auckland
Materials Handling Equipment- NZ
Materials Handling Equipment-Auckland
Transmissions, Industrial- NZ
Transmissions, Industrial-Auckland

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