Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Exporters of Agricultural Mowing Machinery. Manufacturers of Fence-Pro Fence Post Rammers, Post Drivers, Fencing Tools and Accessories: FENCE PRO PRODUCTS:Ultra G3 post drivers - Designed for the professional fencing contractor. to ensure long term durability in difficult fencing conditions. Ultra G2 post drivers - Popular contractor model post driver. Normally matched to the Sidemount 900 unit. With a 270 kg block, 4.5 metre hydraulic hinge mast, and the 350 mm mast shift, the Ultra G2 post drivers are extremely versatile and easy to use. A Rock Spike Extractor or auger are common attachments. Mule - Common build spec includes a Rock Spike Extractor and 90mm spike mounted on the operators side of the mast. Often mounted directly to the back of the tractor. Farmtek post driver - is an easy to use fully hydraulic post driver that is capable of tackling all farm fencing and maintenance work. Easily add options like a side mount unit, a post puller or a hydraulic auger. Visit the Fence Pro website: Maxam website:

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422 Railway Rd
PO Box 4114
Palmerston North 4442
NEW ZEALAND> Freephone:0800 362 776

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