Petrochemical Pumps & Meters. Fuel Handling Equipment. Lubrication & Industrial Fluids Dispensing Equipment. Aviation Ground Fuelling Equipment

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90 Sydney St Petone 5012
PO Box 38720 Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045
NEW ZEALAND +64 +4 568 4933
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Agricultural Equipment- NZ
Airport Equipment- NZ
Airport Equipment-Wellington
Bitumen Equipment- NZ
Bitumen Equipment-Wellington
Dairy Machinery Equip Supplies- NZ
Dairy Machinery Equip Supplies-Wellington
Explosion Relief Equipment- NZ
Explosion Relief Equipment-Wellington
Filters and Filtration Plant- NZ
Filters and Filtration Plant-Wellington
Hoses and Fittings- NZ
Hoses and Fittings-Wellington
Industrial Instruments- NZ
Industrial Instruments-Wellington
LPG Equipment- NZ
LPG Equipment-Wellington
Lubricants- NZ
Measuring Instruments- NZ
Measuring Instruments-Wellington
Mining Equipment- NZ
Mining Equipment-Wellington
Oilfield Service Companies- NZ
Oilfield Service Companies-Wellington
Petrol Pump Vending Equip Mnfrs- NZ
Petrol Pump Vending Equip Mnfrs-Wellington
Pipeline Equipment, Contractors- NZ
Pipeline Equipment, Contractors-Wellington
Pipes and Fittings- NZ
Pipes and Fittings-Wellington
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds- NZ
Pump Servicers, Rebuilds-Wellington
Pumping Equipment- NZ
Pumping Equipment-Wellington
Quarry Equipment- NZ
Quarry Equipment-Wellington
Roading Equipment- NZ
Roading Equipment-Wellington
Valves- NZ

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