Established for 65 Years Mechanical Engineers & Contractors: ISO9001 - 2008 Mechanical Design, Fabrication, Site Construction, Site Installation & Erection. Engineering Design -- Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Pipe Work. Plant Maintenance. Shutdown Support & Management. Turnkey Projects. Project Management. Purchasing & Expediting of Fabrication/Construction Materials. Certified Electrical Engineering Contractors, Nationwide Design, Construction, Maintenance & Asset Management, Fibre Optic Installation Services, HV Power transmission and distribution.

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130 Kerrs Rd, Wiri,
PO Box 40 Shortland St
Auckland 1140
NEW ZEALAND> +64 +9 622 8600
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Aluminium Welders- NZ
Aluminium Welders-Auckland
Bridges- NZ
Builders Commercial, Industrial- NZ
Building Services, Maintenance- NZ
Building Services, Maintenance-Auckland
Bus Conversions-Auckland
Conveyor Designers- NZ
Conveyor Designers-Auckland
Dairy Machinery Equip Supplies- NZ
Dairy Machinery Equip Supplies-Auckland
Demolition Contractors- NZ
Energy Networks Construction- NZ
Engineers-Brewery, Wine, Soft Drink
Engineers-PTFE Plastic
Engineers-Pipe Fabricators
Engineers-Plant Installation/Serv
Engineers-Remote Power Systems
Engineers-Site Installation
Engineers-Water Power
Engineers-Water Purification
Fish Processing Machinery- NZ
Fish Processing Machinery-Auckland
Food Chain Equipment- NZ
Food Chain Equipment-Auckland
Food Machinery- NZ
Food Machinery-Auckland
Forestry Equipment- NZ
Forestry Equipment-Auckland
Gas Processing Plant, Equipment- NZ
Hydro Scheme Construction- NZ
Materials Handling Equipment- NZ
Materials Handling Equipment-Auckland
Meat Processing Equip/Materials- NZ
Meat Processing Equip/Materials-Auckland
Mining Equipment- NZ
Mining Equipment-Auckland
Oil Burners and Equipment- NZ
Oil Burners and Equipment-Auckland
Oilfield Service Companies- NZ
Oilfield Service Companies-Auckland
Petroleum Processing Plant, Equipment- NZ
Petroleum Processing Plant, Equipment-Auckland
Pipe Installation Contractors- NZ
Pipe Installation Contractors-Auckland
Pipe Systems, Lined- NZ
Piped Services- NZ
Pipeline Equipment, Contractors- NZ
Pipeline Equipment, Contractors-Auckland
Pressure Vessels- NZ
Pressure Vessels-Auckland
Process Design- NZ
Process Design-Auckland
Process Management- NZ
Process Management-Auckland
Project Management- NZ
Project Management-Auckland
Pulp and Paper Machinery- NZ
Pulp and Paper Machinery-Auckland
Sewage Treatment- NZ
Sewage Treatment-Auckland
Ships Repairs- NZ
Ships Repairs-Auckland
Stainless Steel Fabrication, Products- NZ
Stainless Steel Fabrication, Products-Auckland
Stainless Steel Polishing- NZ
Stainless Steel Polishing-Auckland
Stainless Steel Welders- NZ
Stainless Steel Welders-Auckland
Steel Fabricators- NZ
Steel Fabricators-Auckland
Steel Fixing and Placing- NZ
Steel Reinforcing Structural- NZ
Waste Water Maintenance- NZ
Waste Water Maintenance-Auckland
Waste Water Treatment Plant/Construction- NZ
Waste Water Treatment Plant/Construction-Auckland
Water Reticulation Construction- NZ
Welders General- NZ
Welders General-Auckland
Welding Inspection, Certification- NZ
Welding Inspection, Certification-Auckland
Winemaking Equipment- NZ
Winemaking Equipment-Auckland

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